Our Mission

Make the Earth happy.

Make people happy.

Serve Righteous Food

We’re building a brand that connects people to the story of their food. We believe in using fresh, wholesome, simple ingredients that respect the agricultural landscape of the communities we serve. We strive to inspire a culture focused on agriculture, helping our customers and communities to become more conscious of the profound connection between their food choices and the natural world. As we bridge the gap between farmers and customers, it is our duty to investigate our farms and suppliers, voting with our dollar for a healthier, happier, and more sustainable world. 


We believe in Meaningful Management: our employees should be the best products we deliver to the world. Whether it be a seasonal hire or a professional career, we strive to provide meaningful memories, relationships, and growth in the lives of all. Beach cleanups, volunteer farm visits, bass booming dance parties, silent disco dance parties, surf sessions, hikes, yoga flows, and workouts have built the foundation of how we play as a family outside of our kitchens. As our brand grows, play shall remain integral to our work.

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